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Wow!  I don't think I even need to caption this recipe.  Just look at them, they are warm, sweet and delicious.

Cinnamon Ricotta Crescent Rolls

PrintCinnamon Ricotta Crescent Rolls 8 Servings – Serving Size: 1 Roll Wow! I don’t think I even need to caption… Continue reading »

Simple Scallop Spinach Alfredo

PrintSimple Scallop Spinach Alfredo 4 Servings This simple but tasty meal took only about 15 minutes to put together. The… Continue reading »

Cheesy Steak Stromboli

PrintCheesy Steak Stromboli 6 Servings – Serving Size: 1 Slice All the flavors of a philly cheese steak sandwich wrapped… Continue reading »

Brownie Fudge Lasagna

PrintBrownie Fudge Lasagna 9 Servings Brownies, pudding, cream cheese and whipped topping. You can not go wrong with this chocolate… Continue reading »

Crock-Pot Cheese Tortellini Soup

PrintCrock-Pot Cheese Tortellini Soup 6 Servings This recipe looked so good and so simple to make. I found it to… Continue reading »

Mini Chicken Parmesan Meatloaves

PrintMini Chicken Parmesan Meatloaves 6 Servings – Serving Size: 1 Meatloaf I love everything mini so when I saw the… Continue reading »

Stand-Up Rigatoni Pie

PrintStand-Up Rigatoni Pie 6 Servings – Serving Size: 1 Slice This was a birthday dinner for my future son-in-law, he… Continue reading »

Baked Italian Casserole

PrintBaked Italian Casserole 8 Servings The flavors of spaghetti, pizza and lasagna all wrapped up into one simple dish. Serve… Continue reading »

Salmon Farfalle Alfredo with Peas

PrintSalmon Farfalle Alfredo with Peas 4 Servings The salmon and peas were a great combination for this creamy noodle dish…. Continue reading »

Since it's just me eating any watermelon I buy, I usually end up throwing out some.  This was a great way to use up any leftover watermelon and a nice refreshing treat.

Watermelon Granita

PrintWatermelon Granita 8 Servings Since it’s just me eating any watermelon I buy, I usually end up throwing out some…. Continue reading »