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Simple Scallop Spinach Alfredo

PrintSimple Scallop Spinach Alfredo 4 Servings This simple but tasty meal took only about 15 minutes to put together. The… Continue reading »

Crab, Mushroom and Onion Quiche

PrintCrab, Mushroom and Onion Quiche 8 Servings – Serving Size: 1 Slice This was my first attempt at a quiche…. Continue reading »

Poor Man’s Lobster Rolls

PrintPoor Man’s Lobster Rolls 8 Servings – Serving Size: 1 Lobster Roll Growing up in New England of course I… Continue reading »

Crab and Corn Chowder

PrintCrab and Corn Chowder 8 Servings – Serving Size: 1 Cup This is a rich, creamy chowder with sweet crab… Continue reading »

Lemon Crab Spaghetti

PrintLemon Crab Spaghetti 4 Servings This one is a keeper. I like the way the parmesan binds to the pasta… Continue reading »

Fish Fillet Sandwich

PrintFish Fillet Sandwich 8 Servings – Serving Size: 1 Sandwich I love fillet of fish sandwiches from McDonald’s and I… Continue reading »

Salmon Farfalle Alfredo with Peas

PrintSalmon Farfalle Alfredo with Peas 4 Servings The salmon and peas were a great combination for this creamy noodle dish…. Continue reading »

I love smoked oysters and oyster stew however, I have never had them fried.  I wanted to make a Cajun dish for Mardi Gras but did not have a lot of time this year.  So after searching the net, this was about the easiest thing I could come up with for Mardi Gras.  I even picked up these cute Mardi Gras plates for $1 this morning.

Oyster and Shrimp Po Boy

PrintOyster and Shrimp Po Boy 5 Servings – Serving Size: 1 Sandwich I love smoked oysters and oyster stew however,… Continue reading »

Creamy Crab Puffs

PrintCreamy Crab Puffs 12 Servings – Serving Size: 2 Crab Puffs Sweet crab, surrounded by creamy cheese enveloped in a… Continue reading »

Seafood Spaghetti

PrintSeafood Spaghetti 10 Servings This dish was amazing. Because it is adapted from a Paula Deen recipe it has plenty… Continue reading »